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Public Schools are available in  D 6, D 22, D 25, D 26, D 27, and D 31. Other Schools and Preschools are available including D 75 all over NYC. All 5 boroughs of NYC.

Speech Kids Academy is urgently looking for a full-time speech therapist for a preschool in Livonia, and the payment is guaranteed for 5.5 hours 3 days a week regardless of attendance. We are looking for providers in the Bronx (districts 7-11) at an enhanced rate. The approximate rate can be up to $145 per hour. Must be in person. Speech Kids Academy is looking for a bilingual Spanish speech therapist for an elementary school in Brooklyn, zip code 11220 for 2 full days, 2 days a week at 2 elementary schools in Bushwick (4 days in total), 2 days a week caseload in Corona at a public elementary school, 2 days a week at a D 75 schools in Queens (can be full time between 2 schools), 14 sessions at the elementary school downtown Brooklyn, 2 days a week at a charter school in Staten Island, and 2 days a week at charter school in Washington Heights (can be full time if you agree to service both monolingual and bilingual students). We also have an elementary school in Jamaica with 3-4 months of maternity coverage to start on 10/15th and 2 days a week at a high school in South Queens( till June 26th). Must have a bilingual extension or BEA passing scores+ vaccination + TSSLD. Hourly rate is $70 per hour on W 2 for CFs and $85 per hour on 1099 for licensed therapists. We are also looking for a monolingual speech therapist with- a full-time caseload in Staten Island.

Benefits: We offer 6 sick days for full-time W 2 providers after working for a year. United Oxford plan is available for full-time W 2 providers after working for 3 months.

Must have TSSLD and be vaccinated.
Full-time and part-time positions are available.

We are NOT HIRING providers for remote services.

Compensation for Licensed Monolingual Providers:
$65 per hour on W 2 and $75 per hour on 1099.
Compensation for Licensed Bilingual Providers:
$75 per hour on W 2 and $85 per hour on 1099.
Compensation for Monolingual CFs:
$60 per hour on W 2
Compensation for Bilingual CFs:
$70 per hour on W 2

CFs and monolingual providers are welcome: we have schools in Upper Manhattan, Downtown and South Brooklyn, Bronx, part-time Staten Island and Queen’s caseloads, and preschools in the Bronx. Park Slope maternity coverage (monolingual).

* If you (CF) work full time, 30 hours of direct 
therapy a week, you will get $60 per month for materials.

Requirements to become a part of Speech Kids Academy:
  • Valid NYS license in SLP
  • Master’s degree in communication disorders
  • ASHA membership
  • 2 weeks notice in case of quitting
  • SESIS notes and progress reports must be submitted on time
  • Medicaid number and NPI numbers are required
  • Do you have a specialty? We would like to hear from you.
  • Annual physical
  • Liability insurance
  • Interview

Referral bonus 1000$ (conditions apply)

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